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thee quasi

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omg hax0r + tour dates [Feb. 25th, 2006|04:43 pm]
thee quasi

mod here - no offense to anyone, but i deleted a couple recent entries because i don't want this comm to get in trouble for "sharing" the new album. sorry, y'all. carry on.

edited to add something positive: new spring tour dates!! more to come, presumably?

04/10/06 - Knitting Factory, New York, NY
04/14/06 - Wonder Ballroom, Portland, OR
04/15/06 - Neumos, Seattle, WA
04/24/06 - Casbah, San Diego, CA
04/25/06 - Detroit Bar, Costa Mesa, CA
04/26/06 - Spaceland, Los Angeles, CA
04/27/06 - Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco, CA
04/28/06 - Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco, CA
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(no subject) [Feb. 25th, 2006|03:28 pm]
thee quasi

[Current Music |it's raining- quasi]

i saw hot shit and the sword of god on vinyl at a record store in new york city and i threw a tantrum that i just spent the rest of my money on a shitty bowl
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from pitchforkmedia [Dec. 17th, 2005|03:27 pm]
thee quasi

[Current Music |introduction- quasi]

Sam Coomes Talks New Quasi Record

Amy Phillips and Kati Llewellyn report:
Sam Coomes and Janet Weiss lack blood relations, aren't married (anymore), don't only function in a red and white world, and perhaps most importantly, had nothing to do with "Who's a Big Baby?"

Nope, the male/female guitar/drums duo that makes up Quasi is only responsible for When the Going Gets Dark, a new album due out via Touch & Go on March 21. In order to get the full scoop and keep the White Stripes comparison filler to a minimum, Pitchfork spoke with Coomes last week regarding the new album, tour plans, and side projects.

"I suppose it's not going to be earth-shattering," Coomes said of When the Going Gets Dark. "Originally I was calling it ‘neoclassicism'-- not like Mozart classicism, but classic rock, or even jazz or reggae-- all the records that are sort of band-oriented, you know, drums and bass and guitar and piano... before all kinds of fancy production and electronics and shit like that started kind of dictating the sounds of records. We didn't stick entirely to that in the end, but it's more like that-- just sort of guitar, drums, bass, singin'-- simple instrumentation."

Hey, take out the word "bass", and that sure sounds like the words of a certain candy cane child.

COomes said that the duo recorded as if they were a quartet, with drums, guitar, piano, and bass making up the majority of the improvisation-based record. Coomes commented, "It still sounds like Quasi, but I feel like we're branching out a little bit."

When the Going Gets Dark was recorded with Steven Wray Lobdell (Davis Redford Triad, Faust) in his Portland studio and sent off for Dave Fridmann's mixing treatment. "It was getting out of hand," Coomes said, "so [Dave] helped us out-- sprinkled a little pixie dust on it and it sounds pretty good." Think happy thoughts!

At this point in time, the album is complete aside from the finalized artwork. The tracklist is as follows:

01 Alice the Goon
02 The Rhino
03 When the Going Gets Dark
04 I Don't Know You Anymore
05 Peace and Love
06 Beyond the Sky
07 Presto Change-o
08 Poverty Sucks
09 Merry X-Mas
10 Death Culture Blues
11 Invisible Star

Quasi has two shows scheduled for the end of this month, both with Stephen Malkmus and Weiss' "side project", Sleater-Kinney, with plans to make full touring rounds closer to the album's release. The little drummer girl won't get much of a break between pa rum pum pum pums because, as previously reported, S-K kick off a series of Big Day Out performances in Australia come January. At least it's summer over there... hot shit!

Coomes' side project, Pink Mountain (no, we didn't forget the "tops"), has been bustling as well, with an album slated for release on Frenetic Records... sometime. He explained, "I think Frenetic's trying to get a new distribution thing happening, so it's a little bit up in the air, but it's kind of done and in the can, so when they get together, they'll just be able to roll on it." Coomes described the album as "a prog rock psychedelic improv record of some sort." Honestly, we can't say we're all that surprised.


is blue goblins still around. is pink mountain different than blue goblins. nonetheless i want to here both of them? does anyone have either one of those
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(no subject) [Dec. 15th, 2005|01:29 pm]
thee quasi
[Current Music |quasi - merry x-mas]

oooh, new quasi sounds like this!!!!!

i like what i hear. glad to hear this song again.
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new album + december shows [Dec. 11th, 2005|04:12 pm]
thee quasi

belated news. new quasi album coming out in the spring! release date is march 21st, title is when the going gets dark.

also, they're playing a couple shows with stephen malkmus and sleater-kinney (omg 2x the janet) in december -- dec 29th at the showbox in seattle, and dec 30th at the crystal ballroom in portland. i'll be at the seattle show and probably looking grumpy about it. anyone else?
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this was originally 3 seperate entries i cut it down into one [Jul. 2nd, 2005|12:31 pm]
thee quasi

[Current Music |drunken tears]

okay...so on drunken tears i always think i'm hearing the phone ring at one point of the song

so i'm assuming its in the song because i never see the phone ringing
it's kind of quiet but i think its there

or maybe i'm just on crack
you decide

(oh and if you actually here it will you tell me what it is?)


who are the hatfields and the mccoys?
the one's that are referred to in sunshine sounds.

ah, but the hatfields and mccoys continue their fighting
grandmother hatfield still enjoys her jug of white lightning


does anyone have the songs all bent out of shape and this isn't heaven. they are japan bonus tracks i believe on the sword of god.

my email is the.enemy.is.you@gmail.com
or my aim is soundturneddown/deadsocietyweeps (i'm usually on either/or both)

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(no subject) [Jun. 23rd, 2005|03:41 am]
thee quasi


To the people who I was getting the shows for, could you email me with what you want at eisym@comcast.net

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(no subject) [Jun. 21st, 2005|07:16 pm]
thee quasi

[Current Music |under a cloud- Quasi]

i want to make a new screenname but I want it Quasi related. suggestions?
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(no subject) [Jun. 18th, 2005|06:12 pm]
thee quasi

ok kids, per our http://www.livejournal.com/community/theequasi/7010.html conversation, here is the list:

mm.dd.yy venue; city FMT/SRC/G LEN/QU/# Notes
======== ====================================== ========= ======== ===============
07.18.97 Old Firehouse Redmond, WA CDR/AUD/1 O55/7/1 TAO
11.08.97 Oak Street Art Centre Portland, OR ANA/AUD/U 045/7/1

05.16.98 La Luna Portland, OR CDR/AUD/0 045/8/1
05.18.98 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco, CA CDR/SBD/0 040/9/1
08.13.98 Pier 62/63 Seattle, WA CDR/AUD/0 055/6/1
09.16.98 Showbox Theatre Seattle, WA CDR/AUD/0 045/7/1
09.19.98 7th Note Showcase San Francisco, CA CDR/AUD/0 045/7/1
09.20.98 7th Note Showcase San Francisco, CA CDR/AUD/0 045/8/1
09.28.98 Variety Playhouse Atlanta, GA ANA/AUD/5 045/7/1
09.29.98 Cat's Cradle Carborro, NC CDR/AUD/0 045/8/1
10.03.98 Tramp's New York, NY ANA/AUD/1 045/7/1
10.09.98 the Metro Chicago, IL ANA/AUD/1 040/6/1
10.09.98 the Metro Chicago, IL CDR/WWW/1 040/7/1
11.06.98 La Cigale Paris, France CDR/AUD/0 040/7/1
11.07.98 L'Olympic Nantes, France CDR/AUD/0 040/7/1
11.10.98 La Nef Angouleme, France CDR/AUD/U 040/8/1
11.11.98 Le Jimmy Bordeaux, France CDR/AUD/O 045/9/1
11.14.98 Le Rockstore Montpillier, France CDR/AUD/0 040/8/1
11.15.98 La Poste a Galene Marseille, France CDR/AUD/U 040/8/1
12.04.98 University London Union Londres, Eng CDR/AUD/0 040/8/1
12.05.98 the Leadmill Sheffield, England CDR/AUD/U 045/8/1

xx.xx.99 BBC Studios; London, England (Jon Peel) CDR/ FM/0 015/9/1
01.12.99 Club Quattro Japan ANA/AUD/U 040/6/1
01.15.99 Club Quattro Tokyo, Japan ANA/AUD/U 030/7/1
02.10.99 Satyricon Portland, OR VHS/AUD/4 060/7/1
07.17.99 Capitol Theatre Olympia, WA VHS/AUD/1 040/8/1
08.06.99 Crystal Ballroom Portland, OR CDR/AUD/0 075/8/1
08.07.99 Crocodile Cafe Seattle, WA CDR/AUD/0 055/7/1
09.xx.99 Kim's Mondo (instore) New York, NY VHS/AUD/1 030/9/1
10.13.99 La Luna Portland, OR CDR/AUD/0 065/8/1
10.17.99 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco, CA CDR/SBD/0 080/10/2
10.23.99 Spanish Moon Baton Rouge, LA CDR/AUD/0 060/6/1
10.26.99 Echo Lounge; Atlanta, GA VHS/AUD/2 030/9/1
10.30.99 Pontiac Grille Philadelphia, PA ANA/AUD/1 060/5/1
10.31.99 Maxwell's Hoboken, NJ VHS/AUD/1 075/7/1
11.01.99 Knitting Factory New York, NY VHS/AUD/1 075/8/1
11.03.99 Middle East Boston, MA CDR/AUD/0 065/8/1
11.08.99 400 Bar Minneapolis, MN CDR/AUD/0 080/6/1
11.12.99 Breakroom Seattle, WA CDR/AUD/0 080/8/1

01.20.00 Seattle Art Museum Seattle, WA CDR/AUD/0 070/7/1
03.06.00 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco, CA CDR/AUD/0 085/8/2
03.08.00 the Smell Los Angeles, CA CDR/AUD/0 060/7/1
03.10.00 Crystal Ballroom Portland, OR CDR/AUD/0 090/9/2
03.31.00 Graceland Seattle, WA CDR/AUD/0 080/8/2
08.03.00 Tonic Lounge Portland, OR CDR/AUD/0 030/9/1
09.04.00 Bumberclub Seattle, WA ANA/AUD/M 060/7/1
09.05.00 Crocodile Cafe Seattle, WA ANA/AUD/M 075/7/1
12.07.00 Meow Meow Portland, OR CDR/AUD/0 085/9/2

03.30.01 Crystal Ballroom; Portland, OR CDR/AUD/0 070/7/1
03.30.01 Crystal Ballroom; Portland, OR CDR/AUD/U 065/8/1 *encore break edited, one song incomplete
03.31.01 Showbox Theatre Seattle, WA CDR/AUD/0 065/5/1
04.21.01 Pine St Theatre; Portland, OR CDR/AUD/0 055/6/1
06.13.01 Interview; Portland, OR>St Paul, MN CDR/xxx/0 060/5/1
07.11.01 Spaceland; Los Angeles, CA CDR/WEB/0 070/7/1
07.14.01 Capitol Hill Block Party; Seattle, WA CDR/AUD/0 045/6/1
07.20.01 Brownies; New York, NY CDR/WEB/0 070/7/1
07.21.01 Siren Music Festival; Coney Island, NY VHS/AUD/1 040/8/1
08.11.01 AIMFest; Portland, OR VHS/AUD/1 060/8/1
08.15.01 BBC Studios; London, England (Jon Peel) CDR/ FM/U 015/9/1
09.05.01 KBOO Studios; Portland, OR CDR/ FM/U 055/9/1
10.04.01 Knitting Factory; New York, NY CDR/AUD/0 085/5/1
10.05.01 Knitting Factory; New York, NY CDR/AUD/0 085/5/1
10.12.01 Rudyard's; Houston, TX VHS/AUD/2 060/9/1 soundboard audio last 45mins
10.13.01 Emo's; Austin, TX CDR/SBD/0 085/8/2
10.13.01 Emo's; Austin, TX VHS/AUD/2 090/8/1
11.09.01 Irving Plaza; New York, NY CDR/AUD/0 045/5/1
11.10.01 Northsix; Williamsburg, Brooklyn CDR/AUD/0 085/6/1
11.13.01 9:30 Club; Washington, DC CDR/AUD/0 045/6/1

04.13.02 EMP SkyChurch; Seattle, WA CDR/AUD/0 072/8/1 small cut in last song

01.31.03 Crystal Ballroom; Portland, OR CDR/AUD/0 048/8/1 sony mic>sharp md, master
02.01.03 Crystal Ballroom; Portland, OR CDR/AUD/0 047/8/1 sony mic>sharp md, master
03.04.03 Showbox Theatre; Seattle, WA CDR/AUD/0 045/9/1 *heavy drums in mix
05.30.03 Berbatis Pan; Portland, OR CDR/AUD/0 062/9/1
05.30.03 Berbatis Pan; Portland, OR CDR/AUD/0 062/8/1

xx.93-02 B-Sides Collection CDR/STU/0 078/10/1 *includes Motorgoat
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(no subject) [Jun. 9th, 2005|10:09 pm]
thee quasi

[Current Music |After Hours- The Velvets]

...........um I lost my copy of R&B Transmogrification
do you get my drift?

my aim is deadsocietyweeps
and my email is the.enemy.is.you

aim would be easier

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